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Loom Knitting Videos
2 color spool knitting
knitting on the DIY spool knitter
Ladder tinking to fix a mistake without drama
full fisherman's rib 2-comparison with hand knitting plus some refinements
full fisherman's rib for double knitting boards
new knit and purl tool
knit and purl tool 2
Pinwheel washcloth free pattern for looms
short-rowing for flare plus free Lammily doll dress pattern
fairisle pillow for machine, loom and hand knitters plus a DIY pillow form
SockCrate Sock pattern for looms and machines with no-hole heel join tip
Durable Loomed Flowers Using Chained Cord and I cord
half linen stitch
loom knitting 911-blanket booboo
DIY tool blocks
fairisle and intarsia
tubular cast on in the round
k1p1 tubular cast on
k2p2 tubular cast on
tightening up sock heels
double ended knit and purl tool DIY
Knifty Knitter compared wKiss Dragon
counting rows with the work still on the loom
faux cable
pillow from your knitted fabric, working from scratch
Fan Lace for Looms
SockCrate Sock pattern for looms and machines with no-hole heel join tip
new Knit and Purl tool
double ended knit and purl tool DIY
fairisle and intarsia
Durable Loomed Flowers Using Chained Cord and I cord
German short rows
2 color spool knitting
Knifty Knitter compared wKiss Dragon
faux cables
determining gauge and stitch count
using Regia latex to create slipper socks
Irish mesh stitch
casting on double board stockinette
binding off double board stockinette
altering cables after completion
making lace eyelets
knitting BULKY stockinette on the All-N-One loom
eyelet stripes stitch
DIY loom hook from a pen and a nail
frog stitching [ripping out]
easy non-roll cabled edge
make the perfect purling tool
DIY design #1
mock ribbing
DIY ergonomic hook
back stitched bind off
crossing 2X2 cables
tripled long tail cast on
tuck rib edge tuck rib fabric
chain stitched cast on
an alternate way to knit and purl on a double board
no purl true ribbing
worm trim
reducing the bulk of a hat crown
chain stitched bind off
marking rows
mingling hand and loom knititng
finishing a hat crown without a needle
making one loom into another
figure 8 cast on variation
removing and re-hanging double knitting to fix mistakes
adjusting gauge on double boards
loom knitters' sockumentaries-35 videos all on aspects of sock making

winding and managing yarn

crochet finishes for knits

picture knitting on double knitting boards

special stitches for looms includes Irish mesh stitch, heart lace, bunny cable, shadow work, intarsia, multi-color tuck, braided cable, faux cable, central double decrease, inserting a lifeline, wanderlust cables, half linen stitch, fairisle, intarsia

lace edged wavy lines cable


Kid Stuff

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bulky hat with optional cable Kiss knit-along

Ruth's Entrelac

loom knitting

Kid Stuff-includes making a simple loom, comb knitting, etc.

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knitting Pal Videos