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$20 USD

$20 USD
Video links to help with each pattern are in the pattern text
BLANKET BASICS PART 1 & 2 includes stockinette and tuck blankets. Sizes in both stockinette and tuck include: Receiving blanket, Stroller blanket, Baby blanket, Crib Blanket [2], Lapghan, Wheelchair blanket, Toddler blanket, Afghan, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Stockinette blankets Includes a basic stockinette blanket pattern in 15 sizes, wool blankets, felted blankets, knitting in panels, chenille yarns, fairisle, sizing, planning, hems

PLAID BABY BLANKET uses Red Heart Pooling yarn on any bulky machine
Tuck blankets
Includes a basic tuck stitch pattern in 15 sizes, a discussion of all over tuck vs. accent tuck, wool blankets, two color tuck

Neck’s Best Thing Pillow #1
Standard, mid-gauge & bulky versions plus Bond and Passap notes included.
Neck’s Best Thing Pillow #2
Standard, mid-gauge & bulky versions plus Bond and Passap notes included.

3 individual designs with classic hand-knitted looking texture. These designs may also be used to make scarves, shawls and blankets. Suggestions and tips are included in each pattern.
Rope & Ladder Pillow #1 for all Single Bed Machines includes 4 gauges. The work is entirely hand manipulated. Hobby machines do a fine job
of this.

Rope & Ladder Pillow #2 for all Single Bed Machines includes 1 version but may be made in any gauge. Pillow size will vary from 4.4-10” square depending on gauge. The bulkiest gauge is the one shown and has a lovely hand knitted look. The work is entirely hand manipulated. Hobby machines do a fine job of this.

Rope & Ladder Pillow #3 for all Mid-gauge Machines

Any smooth yarns that will show the color changes well may be used on any gauge of machine.
5 sizes are given in the chart but you may easily alter stitch and row count to create
custom sizes. The design is mainly for punchcard machines but you may also input the pattern to your electronic machine or hand select it on a hobby machine. 5 gauges, -variations and 5 sizes are given.

This pattern is for standard gauge machines with any double bed setup. Japanese standard
gauge [4.5mm needle spacing] machines with ribbers as well as European double bed machines [5mm needle spacing may be used. Settings for many models are included.
Universal pattern for use with any stitch, yarn or machine in 8 gauges and 2 sizes
*“Going Places” [heart blanket] any gauge & machine.
*“What God Has Joined” is for Japanese standards or Passaps. Words may be automatically knitted on Japanese machines or duplicate stitched on Passaps.
*Tutorial on designing punch cards with writing
*2 duplicate stitched pillow designs shown on worsted weight knitting. [Will look smaller on smaller gauges]
*Duplicate stitching tutorial
*Twisted cord trim instructions
*Pampered People blanket [tweed alpaca] for any gauge & machine
*Baby Changing Station with Teddy card
*4 more small designs for duplicate stitching or punch cards
*Knitting graph paper to design your own pix on
*Instructions for Passap single bed fairisle

Charity Knitting Years ago, a speaker at a machine knitting conference impressed my by pointing out that "we are fortunate women--we can afford our hobbies!" At the time, I could barely afford a used machine and had laboriously scraped up the conference fees but I had to agree that she had a point. I WAS there at the motel, learning great stuff and I had a place to go home to. Our charity project for the conference was to knit small bags and fill them with necessities for women who had to leave abusive situations and hide out in shelters. Many left home without even a toothbrush. By comparison, I was fortunate indeed.

Since that time, I have learned more about charity knitting. For one thing, an amazing number of knitters participate! At times I have contributed patterns to help things along.

Country Knitting of Maine combines a hat contest with a project called "Keeping Maine Warm" to provide hats to the needy. Project Linus provides blankets to children to help with traumatic situations. Another worthwhile cause is to provide head-coverings to cancer patients who lose their hair. I have been there, as have many of you, and I know that soft, warm head-coverings can add a lot of comfort both physically and socially. Newborns in need accepts clothing & blankets for infants and preemies in difficult situations.

Kangaroo covers has been popular with project Linus knitters. The bath turban in Great Knitted Gifts is a superior cancer cap.

You always have my permission to knit for charity using my patterns. While you may not claim or reproduce the pattern itself, what you knit is your work and you may donate it or profit from it. I protect the pattern and my photos with copyright, not your work.