Answer Lady Home Page Loom Knitting Index This index covers [I hope] ALL the videos I have made for Kiss looms. The listings in the index are links that will take you to YouTube to view the movies. This can be easier than searching YouTube for the one you want. If you spot any omissions or problems, please get in touch so I can fix them. My written patterns are available in my Ravelry store at this link Both machine and loom knitting patterns are offered there. Each clearly states whether it is a machine or loom pattern. Be sure to check the description so as to make certain you are getting what you need.
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Long Tail Cast On-Cables & Lace Cardi
making a bias cast on rag
using the bias cast on rag
Casting on and knitting row 1 for first time knitters
knitting the foot section of socks
U wrapped provisional cast on
chain stitched provisional cast on
Tubular Cast on for K2P2 rib
Tubular Cast On for K1P1
casting on with I-cord
tunisian cast on
Tubular Cast on for Double Knitting Boards
Increasing by casting on at the edge
Increasing with a yarn over
Increasing by knitting in the front and back of a stitch
Make 1 increase
Lifted increase
Ruth's invisible increase
half stitch and half hitch
2 ways to make the M1 increase
Ruth's invisible increase purl version
increasing and decreasing in the round
double pegging

the whole increasing playlist
tuck rib
Mock Rib
Simple decreases
Full fashioned decreases
K2toge & SSK
working a big full fashioned decrease
central double decrease
increasing and decreasing in the round
using the full fashioned decrease to facilitate seaming
Back stitch bind off
Chain Stitched or croched bind off
Transfer bind off
Drawstring or Gathered Bind Off
binding off with the work dropped off the loom
Basic Bind Off
joining shoulder seams
mattress stitching seams
weaving in yarn tails
seaming ribbing
back stitching a sleeve into an armhole
using pins as stitch holders
crossing design stitches with background stitches
4 X 4 big cable cross
2 X 2 cables
Wanderlust Cables
1X1 cables
fixing a mistake
Braided Cable
3 stitch cables
Twisted Rope Cable
altering cables after completion
faux cables
using pins as stitch holders
Kissable Cables Playlist
knitting a seed stitched band right onto the cardigan
a knitted on garter stitch band
knitting the neckand right onto the cardigan
buttonholes on a garter stitched band
embellishing a plain cardi with purl details

double board stockinette
setting up for double knitting
double knitting stockinette
double knitting stockinette
Fisherman's Rib for Double Knitting Boards 1
Fisherman's Rib for Double Knitting Boards 2
Open Braid Stitch
Double Knitting Board Sampler includes 5 complete patterns, casting on, planning, hitch stitch, mock cable stitch, stripes, fairisle tweed and checks, finishing, binding off, intarsia heart, double stockinette

NEW Kiss Crescent Scarf support video
purling with the purling hook
Purl stitches
Simple decreases
Determining gauge of knitted fabric and stitch requirements
an alternative way to get K1P1 ribbing
Frog Stitching-ripping out
deciding whether to slip or knit the edge stitch
knit and purl like a pro--fine points for beginners
double pegging
picot hems
to knit or to slip the first stitch?
Win with pins
outlined eyelets
Ruths tidy eyelet-twisted yarnover
Irish Mesh Stitch
Heart Lace
extra large e-wrapped eyeled
Ruths tidy eyelet-twisted yarnover
DIY double end loom tool
hook from a pen and a nail
ergonomic loom hook
making the perfect purling tool
DIY yarn bowl [teapot]
free sock pattern for #1 yarns on sock looms AND machines
Purl stitches
creating flare with 2 color short rows 2 stitch trim
adding ribbing after completing the garment
counting rows with the work on the loom
Knitting twisted stitches
adding a lifeline
adding darts to a plain cardi for waistline shaping
construction and fitting of a dropped shoulder cardi binding off with the work dropped off the loom
knitting sleeves top down
perfecting uneven stitches after the work is complete
Kitchener cast on
using the full fashioned decrease to facilitate seaming

Half Linen Stitch for Looms shown on both KB and Kiss
free sock pattern for#1 yarn on sock looms and machines both
Short-row lesson plus free Lammily Doll Dress pattern
One way to knit a mitten thumb
Fair Isle
Making a Stockinette Hung Hem
Kathy Carder's Knit & Purl Tool
Plying yarns to get special effects
sewing buttons on knits
winding yarn balls by hand
Knitting a segmented hat crown
Placing hand knitted ribbing on the loom
tuck rib
tuck rib with extra detail
fool proof toe up sock technique
repairing holes in knitting
non-slip soles for safer slippers
KISS PLAYLISTS & KNIT-ALONGS-each list has several related videos. Some are progressive.
Ruth Airey's entrelac knit-along. 7 videos
Kissable Cables Playlist
Kissable Lace Playlist
Dragon Loom Playlist
Kiss a Cardi with Kate
Making a Lace Edged Wavy Line Cable
How do I use my 2-way regular gauge Kiss? This playlist includes e-wrap, double e-wrap, 2 ways to purl, non-roll fabrics, K1P1 rib, seed stitch, garter stitch, the long tail cast on and designing a scarf
Making Double Comfort Slipper Boots on your Kiss
Bulky hat knit along with optional cable
Crocheted finishes for any knits, including Kissed knits textured wash cloth knit along
The entire Kiss playlist of 178 videos
Loom knitters Sockumentaries--mostly on Kiss looms
Basic Hat Knit-along
Kiss Your Kids Sweater Knit-Along
Kiss Sample Scarf Knit-Along
Faux cable and free doll poncho pattern
Dragon Kisses bulky cabled blanket knit-along
Tom's Cabled Toddler Socks
square slippers for double knitting boards
Fingerless gloves for the fg-3
Fg-3 socks
Chair pad on the rug rake
Sweaters to Go cup cozy
Classic Slippers for Loom Knitters
Kiss Me Quick Socks-afterthought heel
Knit Stich
Purling with the regular pick
Purling with the purling hook
Long tail cast on
Transfer bind off
Crochet Bind Off
Drawstring or Gathered Bind Off
Crochet Bind Off using a Latch Tool
Crochet Cast on with a latch needle
Back stitch bind off
Chain Stitched or croched bind off
knitting around the corner
knitting around the corner with large ends
Basic Bind Off

comparing gauge with Knifty Knitter looms
choosing yarn for the Kiss Dragon
FIXED FINE GAUGE LOOM TECHS-these include the FG0, FG1, FG2 as all are worked in the same way
e-wrap cast on e-wrap FG-0
Double e-wrap cast on Double e-wrap FG-0
Transfer bind off
U stitch
purling with the regular tool
Purling with the purling hook
Fixing a Ribbing Mistake
Basic Features
K1P1 rib
Knit Stich
Comparing Fabrics
Purling FG-0
Long tail cast on-FG-0
Crochet Cast On FG-0 with latch needle
Frogging on the FG-0
double pegging