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Ponchos are back "in" and for good reason. They offer comfort and style for a wide range of shapes an occasions. The book is designed with all machines and gauges in mind. See the particulars in the table of contents at right. The whole collection is $20 and will be delivered via an instant download link.
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Techniques and definitions-please read. Not included in patterns page 3
Various edge finishes page 5
Passap 6
Simplicity Poncho sized to fit girls size 7 to ladies size 16 and made on a standard gauge or Passap machine with slip & tuck ability Page 7
Peruvian Poncho 3 gauges and sizes. Adult size may be made only on the bulky in #5 yarn. Big girls and little girls sizes may be made on bulky or mid-gauge by changing the yarn. The pattern stays the same for all! page 9
Single Loop Ponchos-one strip of fabric with lots of style page 14
All Single loop ponchos are given in sizes from baby to XXL and 2 gauges
Plain page 16
Lacy Daisy page 17
Cabled page 20
Adding a bit of shaping page 21
Wrapped up Tight-1 super stretchy size fits most teens & adults. For double bed standard & Passap machines only-based on full fisherman’s rib page 21
Over the Top ponchos
Basics and pattern design from scratch page 23
Universal pattern page 24
Racked fisherman’s rib for double bed standard/Passap, all sizes… 25
With big ribbed collar for bulkies in ladies sizes page 27 With sleeves of 2 styles these are additions to the ladies bulky page 27
Come to the Point Ponchos-the style works in many knitted fabrics, either single or double bed, sized to fit busts 20-54. Knitted either from point to point or from shoulders down page 28
Girl’s Best Friend Diamond Poncho
2 gauges in sizes from little girls to extra large women page 31
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GAUGES: Where 2 are given, one is intended for standard & Passap machines using #1 yarn. The other is for mid-gauge & bulky machines and utilizes #4 yarn. Where possible, many gauges have been given rather than just 2.
PONCHO SAFETY: I have included sizes in some of these patterns that would fit babies and very small children. Kids look cute in them and fitting is easy but please be cautious. It’s a bad idea for small children to play unsupervised in such garments or for babies to sleep in them. Twisting or snagging of the loose body of the garment might accidentally occur with the child’s head still trapped in the neckline and strangulation would be possible. Wouldn’t we feel horrible if anything like that every happened? Let’s be safe.

See the key to the picture below left. It tells you which poncho is which Your book will be delivered by Ravelry