Special Stitches--this page is all about projects using special loom stitches--scroll down the page to watch videos right here.
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This photo was taken before washing.The video is ready and is part of the playlist loaded onto the player below. Just scroll down to learn special stitches including Irish Mesh. Free written instructions below.
SHADOW WORK COLLECTION FOR DOUBLE KNITTING BOARDS Shadow work is a technique for getting pretty designs in the fabric on double knitting boards. As far as I know, I invented it. The dishcloths require 24 and 25 pegs on each board depending on design. The scarf pattern requires 20 needles on each board. The shawl requires 46 on each board. All of these are made with worsted weight [#4] yarn and work on double knitting boards such as the AKB, Kiss looms of either regular or small gauge, All-in-One, Noble Knitter or the KB with metal pegs. In ever case, one adjusts the gap in the boards to adjust the stitch size. Similar boards may be used. The baby vest & jacket require40-44 pegs and bulky [#5] yarn so the boards must be spaced farther apart but the same kinds of boards may be used.

The book contains 4 dishcloth patterns, 1 scarf, 1 shawl, and a baby coat that may be made with or without sleeves. $10.99

IRISH MESH STITCH There are patterns using Irish Mesh Stitch in the works. For the time being, practice using these instructions and the video.

Row 1: slip 1, knit 1 then repeat the following across the row: Knit 3. Move stitches 2 & 3 to needle 1. Knit stitch 1 over 2 & 3. There will be 2 stitches left on peg 1. Move the top stitch to peg 2. Wrap peg 3. Repeat until within 2-4 stitches of the edge.
Row 2 and all even numbered rows: slip 1, knit all the rest of the stitches.
Row 3: like row 1 except slip 1, knit 2 [rather than 1] then begin the pattern repeat.

Dishcloths: I used my swatch in this way. Washes well.
Shawls: I would estimate that, using worsted weight yarn, about 60 stitches wide and any length you want would make a nice one.
Notes: the fabric does bias. Not a big issue for a shawl. The offset points at the ends could be a nice design feature. But I'll need to work on controlling that with other garments.

TUCK STITCH DISH AND BATH CLOTHS These multi-color tuck cloths are made on any double knitting board that can be adjusted to handle worsted weight [#4] cotton well. These include AIO, Noble Knitter, Kiss, AKB with metal pegs. 24 pegs per side are needed. Pattern includes 4 designs. 2.25