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This pretty cabled collar has a Victorian flavor and keeps the wearer warm in chilly rooms without looking overly bundled up. You'll find the cables surprisingly simple.
BOARD: Authentic Knitting Board at the ½” spacing, a Knifty Knitter long loom or on The Noble Knitter with 1.3” between the rows of pegs at the bases. To adjust the spacing properly on the Noble Knitter, replace the original bolts with longer ones and extra washers or turn the boards so that the numbers face in which will automatically increase spacing between rows of pegs. Only 12 needles on each side are needed.
YARN: Vanna’s Choice worsted weight is recommended.
STITCH: open braid with cables
GAUGE: 4 stitches/2.8 rows/per inch in pattern stitch
SIZES: small 16“, medium 16.5“, large 17“. Collar is sized to fit comfortably over another garment. Size is easily adjusted to personal taste. $2

Keyhole scarves stay neatly where you put them. The project is suitable for advanced beginners. Once basic knitting skills have been mastered, the cable is easily learned. Pattern features a simple technique to make the cables dramatically visible in stockinette stitch.
A double knitting board with at least 21 needles on each side and the ability to achieve a gauge of about 3 stitches/inch. [Use ½” spacer on the Authentic Knitting Board. On other boards, try 1.5” between rows of needles]
About 4 oz. worsted weight yarn. [“Impeccable” from Loops and Threads used for sample] $3