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Our e-mail addresses are spelled out here in a way designed to trick spam-bots. You are smarter than they are so of course you know how to return the address to a usable format.
Our e-mail addresses are spelled out here in a way designed to trick spam-bots. You are smarter than they are so of course you know how to return the address to a usable format. Our e-mail addresses are spelled out here in a way designed to trick spam-bots. You are smarter than they are so of course you know how to return the address to a usable format.

I have created a new e-mail address that I think will be easier for people to use because they won't have to spell my impossible last name.
knittinganswerlady at gmail dot com Naturally, you must return it to a normal format using the @ sign and running everything together. I have presented it this way to outsmart spambots which have become really annoying. If you have a hotmail address for me, please delete it. I am no longer using it. If you have a yahoo address for me, delete it, too.

I now have a a Facebook presence, though I think I am the last woman in America to do so. You can find me at
if you wish to be friends, my Facebook id is
If you just search for Kate Winslow, there are quite a few of us but I am listed as having gone to school at UHUH which is an inside joke that by happenstance makes me easier to find.

Jack will answer your DIY questions and discuss professional help for your machine if you contact him at this new e-mail address: newaskjack at gmail dot com. This is written here in a spam-resistant format. Return it to a normal e-mail format to use. He answers every question. They are answered in the order in which they arrive. Sometimes he has to ponder his response and collect info to give you meaningful help so his replies may not be instantaneous but he does get to them all as quickly as possible. If you think yours was lost, do get in touch again. It's possible that it truly went astray.
SEMINAR INFO We both teach and are happy to participate in your event as a package deal. The classes I teach at present are listed below. Jack teaches machine deep cleaning and maintenance. Normally, this is covered in one or two class sessions and he spends the rest of the seminar actually doing repairs for attendees who bring their machines along.
Cheap Tricks
If the knitters wish to do this, I begin with this class: have the group provide some materials with which I make common knitting tools. I'll use these in my demos and leave them with the group when I depart. This does not take an entire class period.

I Feel Like Felting
Learn the principles of felting and see how the oddly knitted shapes become felted items. We'll knit some samples in class and finish a pair of felted shoes from Fabulous Felted Footwear by attaching them to real soles so they become clogs suitable for outdoor wear. All machines.

Knitting and Sew On
NOT typical cut and sew. Rather a demonstration of how to achieve professional sewn finishes on knits. A few basic changes to your normal sewing procedure will make an it amazingly easy to sew knits. Rescue fitting mistakes, reduce bulky waistlines, get gap-free armholes, smooth tailored necklines and easy linings using a normal sewing machine.

Fuzzy Logic
Learn to work successfully with furry yarns. We'll cooperatively knit a scarf during the class and give it away. I encourage the students to help with the knitting so they get a feel for it. All gauges of machines can knit furry yarns!

Great Knitted Gifts
Knitted gifts are best when they have wide appeal, are not laborious to knit, moderately priced, and don't require precise fit. It's fun to knit the gift bag, too so the recipient has a re-usable shopping bag instead of trash after she opens the gift. My "Great Knitted Gifts" books are collections of patterns that fit these criteria. We'll look at how the patterns work, pass around samples of the knitted gifts and knit a gift bag right in class if time permits. All machines.

Socks of All Sorts
There is more than one way to knit a sock! Learn several approaches. Some require short-rowing, some require moving blocks of stitches and some have odd shapes that work surprisingly well. See how to accomplish all of these things smoothly on any machine and enjoy a collection of sock samples. Learn how to use a tiny cotton/spandex run-along yarn to improve fit and memory, too. All Machines.

Crazy for Cables
This class includes some unusual approaches to cabling: faux cables that are made without crossing a single stitch, reversible cables that look good from both sides of the fabric and Wanderlust cables whichappear huge but are made with 2X1 crosses. All machines.

Snug as a Bug
Learn to make cocoon style sweaters where a simple rectangle becomes and amazingly good-looking jacket. These are wonderful because they fit nearly everyone plus they are easy and flattering. In class, we'll examine several samples, pass them around and try them on. You'll learn the principles that make a cocoon jacket work so that you can go home and design your own or use the patterns in "Snug as Bug" to make jackets to fit everyone. The class now includes the kimono styles from the book Kimono Commotion. All machines.

Circular Logic
This class includes the discussion of 2 books. One is Merry Go Round. This is a circle sweater with a great fit. It's easy to knit but sometimes difficult to conceptualize. We'll deconstruct and reconstruct a mini sweater in class to clear matters up and look at the many variations possible within the pattern. The sweater can be made by all gauges of machines in sizes for 30-50" bust. The second book is Circular Logic which is a book of sweaters all designed with circular yokes knitted by means of short-rowing. The circle that is the basis of Merry Go Round and the yokes in Circular Logic are knitted using the same methods which is the reason for the class covering both.
All sales are final
If you ever have trouble with a download or have questions or want special permission for using a pattern in some particular way, I want to help. You can write an old fashioned letter and send it to
po box 384 Crawford, GA 30630.
OR, you can get a faster reply with e-mail. I answer all the e-mails that I receive but as we all know, e-mails can go astray so I will give you multiple addresses in case such a thing occurs.