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These are all machine knitting books. Specifics in the descriptions below.

What makes a great knitted gift? Items that have a wide appeal, are not difficult to fit and can be knitted without undue labor or expense are ideal. They are fun to knit, fun to receive and make it easy for the knitter to be generous. This is a collection of small projects that fit the gift-giving profile. The wording in these patterns is the kind those who knit on Japanese machines are accustomed to except that it is not abbreviated at all. The patterns can be accomplished on other machines so chapters on help for Passap knitters and hobby machine knitters are included. Passap knitters must use different fairisle cards than the 2 given. Knitting for re-sale and charity is fine.
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Bon Voyage Poncho is an easy poncho that folds into its own attached pillow. Absolutely great for traveling. 2 gauges and 4 sizes are given to fit girls to ladies from about age 12 upwards and all adults. Any machine may be used. The poncho folds into a pillow which can be used to nap on when not wearing the garment. The fit is SOOOO forgiving that knitting it as a gift is realistic.

Mittens that Fit makes use of ribbing to get fabulously well-fitted mittens easily. A ribber is a big help with this design but not essential. 4 basic sizes are given: children, youth-small adult, medium-large adult, XL adult. 2 gauges, any machine.

Challah Cowl looks complex but the knitting is easy. 3 gauges. Any machine.

Kimono Pattern for Everyone is accompanied by a bonus article called No Super Models Need Apply about adapting patterns for plus size wearers. The article appears on page 31. The Kimono Jacket pattern follows. 2 gauges are given. Finished bust sizes from 40-80! Any machine may be used.

Hit the Road Overnight Bag Simple, simple knitting plus a purchased frame produce this polished bag. Directions for obtaining and using the frame as well as a method of substituting locally available dowels are included. Multiple gauges given. Any machine.

Have it Your Way Shawl presented in 8 gauges and possible to make with most yarns and on any machine. This design buttons and wraps in a myriad of ways to make it both elegant and hard to lose..

Catís Meow Pillow stands up on its own. For any machine, 2 gauges

Crescent Scarf makes use of Caron Cakes slowly changing yarn colors and famous softness to create a scarf that has a cowl-like look when worn. It fits everyone and is hard to lose because it buttons on. All gauges and kinds of machine can knit this. Standards use every third needle. .

Cat Napper pillow in 4 gauges can be made on any machine.

Pinwheel Dishcloth 2 gauges given. For all machines

Passap Pointers These designs do work on Passaps. Hereís how.

Table of contents including both volumes:
Half Hat [Ribber required], Upside Down Lounger, Quick Pack, Model T Baby Bonnet, Ballerina Bag, Fabulous Felted Beads, Nubby Scrubbies, Baby Bag, Exer-socks [ribber required], Non-Slippers, The Clean Team: a trio of dish/wash cloths, Sweater Garland, Festive Skaterís or tree skirt-Bulky and standard versions only. Requires patterning ability. Unless otherwise noted, each pattern may be knitted on a standard, mid-gauge or bulky Japanese style of machine. Bond and Passap machines may also be used. Bonds and Passaps will need to make some slight adjustments. Read about these on page 36
Paisley Purse, Bias Scarf, Magnificent Mittens, Special Day Pillow, Fast Fun and Furry Pillows and Purses, Little Red Riding Hood. Microfiber Bath Basics, Lap of Luxury Mittens, String Satchels for All, The Perfect Poncho, Afghan for Everyone, Think Mink
Help for Passap Knitters, Help for Hobby Knitters.

Free Scrubby Cloth Pattern
Red Heart Scrubby yarn is sold at Walmart. These make great quickie gifts for others or yourself using the bulky or mid-gauge machine. The yarn does all the work! Cast on in chain stitch 24 stitches on the bulky or 22 on the mid-gauge but mid-gauges use every other needle. Hang comb and weights. Pull out a bunch of yarn so it will feed freely. Adjust mast tension to very low and stitch dial to maximum size. Knit 36 rows on the bulky, 29 on the mid-gauge. Bind off using a chain stitch method. Weave in ends. Resulting cloth will be about 7" square. Edges roll slightly. I love the texture for both bathing and dishes. The yarn is polyester so it doesn't mildew as cotton cloths sometimes do. Each skein makes 2 or more cloths. Mid-gauge version will be a more open fabric than bulky version but it still scrubs well. Using every needle on the mid-gauge is not advisable.


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The hat finishes to a circumference of 14[16, 18, 20, 22]Ē which covers sizes from babies to XL adults. Total length from bottom of hem to tip is 7(8,9,10,11)".Its made in 2 pieces that are seamed together. Any machine may be used with one of the gauges. There are 3 gauges to choose from: 4 stitches/6 rows/inch using #4 yarn on a bulky machine, 5.5 stitches/8 rows/inch using #3 yarn on a mid-gauge or 7 stitches/10 rows/inch using #2 yarn on a standard machine.

You need to know how ribbing is produced on your machine. You may use a ribber or ladder down and re-form the stitches. Use 1X1 rib. That is knit 1, purl 1 across the work. It is OK to substitute mock rib if you prefer but double the row count given if you do that. In general, ribbing works best at 2-3 stitch sizes smaller than the stockinette portion of the hat.

KNIT THE HAT-2 pieces alike. Begin with row counter set to 0.
Cast on and knit rib in yellow yarn across a span of ____ and knit ____ rows at ribbing stitch size, filling in the blanks from the number below. If you like each side if your ribbing to end with a knit stitch, add 1 to the numbers given for stitches to cast on.
Bulky: 30[34, 38, 42, 46] needles 12[14, 16, 18, 20] rows.
Mid-gauge: 42[48, 52, 58, 64] needles 16[18, 20, 24, 26] rows.
Standard: 52[60, 66, 74, 82] needles 20[24, 28, 30, 30] rows.
Change to stockinette stitch size and orange yarn with all stitches on the main bed.
Change from orange to white yarn after knitting
Bulky: 21(24,27,30,33)
Mid-gauge: 28(32,36,40,44)
Standard: 35(40,45,50,55)
Rows of orange.
The total row count at this point is
Bulky: 33(38,43,48,53)
Mid-gauge: 44(50,56,62,68)
Standard: 55(64,73,80,85)
NOTE: decreases begin after knitting row
Bulky: 34(36,38,40,44)
Mid-gauge: 44(48,52,56,60)
Standard: 54(69,66,72,78)
Which may be before, the same time, or after the change to white yarn, depending on size and gauge.

You may alter the position of the color change to change the proportion of the white tip of the "candy" to the rest of the hat if you like. This suggested row count is based on commonly seen proportions but different brands do proportion the candy colors in unique ways.

Decrease 1 on each side every row, using the full fashioned decrease, until ____ stitches remain in work. Knit 2 rows on these last few stitches, then bind off. Fill in the blank from the numbers below.
Bulky: 8(10,12,12,12)
Mid-gauge: 10(12,14,16,16)
Standard: 14(16,17,20,22)
If you added a stitch to the ribbing there will be one more stitch than stated. That's ok.
Seam the edges of the pieces together with mattress stitch or a similar seam.