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FREE PATTERNS AND ARTICLES and where to find them:
The free items are pdf files. Each one is listed on a link. The link will take you to a file sharing service. Follow the prompts to download and save the file. Many of these files are stored on mediafire which is an entirely reputable and safe file sharing service. However sometimes they will offer you products and scans. I have never tried any so I cannot recommend that you do so. There is no charge and no risk to download the files I sent you to find. Make sure that you are clicking the correct button. Sometimes the other offers are positioned so as to look like the file download option but a careful examination will make things clear.
Fisherman's rib on all machines.......Every Which Way Reversible Cables page
Graph paper for knitters...... Cheap Tricks page
Plenty of Purses..........The Answer Lady's Machine Knitting Notebook page
Machine Knitting Terms Defined............The Answer Lady's Machine Knitting Notebook page
Felted Mini-bag, ribbed scarf and tips for slippery pegs are all for frame knitters and are on the frame knitting page
Making your own machine knitting weights ...........on the Great Knitted Gifts Page
The Wrap-up on Ribbon yarns about machine knitting ribbon-type yarns.........on the great Knitted Gifts page
Fuzzy Logic--how to knit with fur yarns on the knitting machine..........on the Great Knitted Gifts page
Kangaroo pouch patterns are available in versions for knitters and sewers [accessible from the Knitting and Sew on page] and for crochet and Tunisian crochet and are accessible from those pages
Felted Potholders..............on the Fabulous Felted Vests and Jackets page
Making Center Pull Balls without a Yarn Winder............. on the Fabulous Felted Vests and Jackets page
Making your own cast-on comb........ on the Bond page
Making the most of microfiber plus a free microfiber wash cloth pattern....the microfiber page
Pocket scarf instructions..............on the page with the Bulky Pouch Purse
Racking cast-on instructions............on the Every Which Way Reversible Cables page