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BABY BOUTIQUE shown at right
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ONE PIECE AT A TIME LAYETTE These are machine knitting patterns. Babies are fun to knit for because they are cute, the clothes are small, and they are never heard to say “It makes me look fat!” If you start knitting when you get the happy news and make a new piece every so often, the newcomer will have a wonderful wardrobe when he or she arrives in person.

SIZE: Chest of tank and T=19” in circumference. Cardigan is 2” bigger around and 1” longer to fit over other garments. Seat of pants=19”. Length of tank and T is 9.5”. Seam allowance is built into pattern.

YARN & GAUGE: 2 are given. Standard gauge and Passap knitters can use Tamm 3-ply. Stitch size 6 on the Japanese standard and 5.5 on the Passap produces a gauge of 7 stitches and 10 rows per inch. Bulky and mid-gauge knitters can both use Tamm Nordic, a light worsted. Nordic gauge is 5 stitches/8 rows per inch at stitch size 2 on bulkies or a larger stitch size on the mid-gauge.
BABY BOUTIQUE The Baby Boutique is a collection of machine knitting patterns for little people. Most of the patterns may be knitted on any machine. Sizes and yarns are given in the table of contents which begins below the Add to Cart button and continues at right. Be sure to read it to make sure that the designs that interest you will work for the machines you have available. $20 Baby Basic ……….page 3
Chest sizes 20, 22, 24” Tamm Bebe 27 stitches and 38 rows =4" @ stitch size 8-9 on standard machines, 6-7 on Passaps, and 3-5 on mid-gauge machines, 1-2 on bulkies
All Dressed Up……….………….page 6
Chest sizes 20, 22, 24”Bebe as above
Baby Bag……page 9
Cocoon for newborns Bebe as above on standard & mid-gauge. 2 strands for 18 stitches & 24 rows/4” on bulky/mid
Classic Sun-suit……………page 11
6, 12, 24 month old sizes Pitter-Patter from Hobby Lobby. 16 stitches and 23 rows=4” on mid-gauge or bulky
Lovable Baby Blanket……….page 14
32” square Tamm Nordic yarn on the bulky or mid-gauge gets 4.5 stitches /6 rows/inch. Standard: Tamm 3 ply 7 stitches/10 rows/inch
ABC Blanket………………...… 19
34” square. Mid-gauge & bulky versions have center seam Microtamm=6.25 stitches/8.75 rows/inch on standard, Passap, mid-gauge or bulky machine using different dial #
One Piece Wonder…….…… 21
Cardigan finished chest 19, 20, 21, 22” Lion Organic Cotton for bulkies only @ 13 stitches/24 rows/4”
Cute Quickie……………….… 24
Finished chest 18, 20, 22, 24” Ice Magic Wool /acrylic blend= 4 stitches/6 rows/inch on bulky or mid-gauges gauge.
Go Green Baby Vest……… 26
Chest 20, 22, 24” Go Green yarn 19 stitches/26 rows/4”
On bulky or mid-gauge
Ladybug, Ladybug Dress….page 28
Finished chest 22, 24, 26, 28, 30” Microtamm=6.25 stitches/8.75 row/inch on standard, Passap, mid-gauge or bulky machine using different dial #
Ladybug, Too! Cardigan….page 30
finished chest size 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 Tamm Nordic on bulky or mid-gauge at 4 stitches/6 rows/inch
Baby Knitting Notes……….page 32 Gauge info may help you to decide if the pattern will work for your machine and help you find substitute yarn if necessary.