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Open braid stitch video. This is the stitch used for the Spring Shrug

FREE KNITTING GRAPH PAPER Graph paper that is sized to match a stitch and row gauge exactly is a handy tool and a great "cheap trick". It can be used to chart a sweater design without any math at all. It may also be used to position a motif, experiment with fairisle looks, and chart intarsia patterns. Using such graph paper often advances our ability to visualize sweater parts. To work well, the paper must be very close to representing the true size of a stitch. Here are some common gauges of papers for you to experiment with. The link below will take to to a mediafire download page where you can retrieve them. There is a microsoft .doc version, and Open Office odt. version and an image version. Try to set your printer to print full size without scaling. You may need to adjust the margins to get this. Some printers will automatically get one version just right. Sometimes you have to experiment. Should you come up with tips or other graph papers you are willing to share, please get in touch. We'll expand this file as needed to include as many graph paper helps as we can assemble. Mediafire is a legitimate file-sharing service but its advertising will offer you other things. To be safe, ONLY click on the files you went
Free graph paper
This lacy jacket fits nearly everyone.Knitting is wonderfully simple. The coral sample was knitted on 76 pegs on each of the Kiss Looms 77 peg sides, set up for double knitting and using what is probably Bernat Satin yarn. I canít be certain because I bought it in a bargain bag. It is the first size given. Green sample was knitted on all 84 pegs of a KB old style knitting board using Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe yarn from Coats and Clark and is the 2nd size. This yarn is discontinued but sometimes still available. Light brown sample is knitted on the Noble Knitter using all 100 pegs using Deborah Norville Everyday Worsted and is the 4th size. Cottage Loom swatches and
settings are given on page 3. Any soft #4 weight yarn may be used. The yarn absolutely must be soft to get an attractive drape.

For the 5 sizes, they are 76[84, 92, 100, 108] to make the shrug in a single piece. If you donít have enough pegs, you need not buy another loom, unless you need a good excuse to do so. In that case, let it be known by all that you definitely need another loom. All sizes may be knitted on 48 pegs if need be by means of adding side panels. In this case, the center 48 stitch panel will be the center of the shrug for all sizes and will be about 16Ē wide.$7.50 as an instant download.