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Wanderlust Cables are so called because they can wander all over a piece of knitting. They show up nicely on a stockinette background. They can appear enormous but are really just a series of 3 stitch crosses. Because of this, there is little stress on the yarn and the needles. Wanderlust Cables do not require a ribber and can be made on any machine including hobby machines. Add them to your favorite patterns as well as knitting the patterns given in the book. The book is $20 as an instant download. CABLE CROSSING TIP: This works for all kinds of cables. When the cable cross does put strain on the yarn and needles, bring the needles forward before knitting the next row. If possible, set the carriage to knit them back from hold position. If not, push them to upper working position. Doing this means that you have done part of the work for the carriage, which would normally have to bring the needles out, knit off the stitch AND return them. When the stitches are stressed, bringing them forward is the hardest part of the operation. Doing it manually greatly increases the success of the cable rows.
Book is for machine knitters

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Wanderlust Cables table of contents

How the cables 3
Fixing 4 5 7 9
Blanket & 11
Baby 13 15
Adult 17
Making the cables.-detailed 21
Cable 22
Larger 34
21 cable charts are included.

All patterns include instructions for standard, Passap, mid-gauge and bulky