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SINGER AND STUDIO MACHINES ARE LOWER DOWN ON THIS PAGE. FYI These are the same as Empisal and Knitmaster machines Answer Lady home page the entire "Ask Jack" playlist
counting rows manually
fixing a column of stitches that accidentally tucked
fixing a dropped stitch
fixing a dropped stitch 2
alternate bind off method & fixing a dropped stitch
making a bigger crank
replacing the yarn guide
seaming Addi flat panels
neatening the edge of a flat panel
tuck rib scarf edging
adding ribbing to the cast on end
adding ribbing to the final end
lubricating the Addi
making a cast on rag-preparation for making Fatima's Fabulous Cardigan
gauge swatch for Fatima's Fabulous Cardigan #1 in the cardigan specific instructions
Making Fatima's Fabulous Cardigan YOUR fabulous cardigan: designing and sizing #2 in the cardigan specific instructions
#3 the Fatima's Fabulous Cardigan-knitting the back
Knitting the Sleeves of Fatima's Fabulous Cardigan #4 in the cardi specific instructions
Fatima's Fabulous Cardigan Playlist in its entirety
the entire Addi playlist

using the 8310 linker
setting up the KX350
setting up the card reader
seating the brother carriage correctly

Brother 8 button machine playlist-6 movies full of both knitting skills and mechanical info
Intarsia on the Brother 930
fairisle hat knit-along pattern on the KH260
Brother Skills Playlist
Deep Cleaning Soak in Marvel Mystery Oil
a look at a carriage before & after the deep soak in Marvel Mystery Oil
repairing broken plastic
Jack's favorite machine maintenance chemicals
cleaning needles with a copper scrubby pad and some other refinements
reviving a dead carriage by freeing frozen flippers
changing a sponge bar
fixing a carriage that sticks going in one direction
cleaning a dingy needle bed
trouble shooting a ribber carriage
repairing a ribber carriage
DIY waxer-a homely but effective invention from Jack
changing the number strip
re-building a sponge bar
what should I use to clean and lube my machine?
fixing a carriage that sticks going in one direction
taking apart and deep cleaning the sinker plate part 1
taking the sinker plate apart and deep cleaning part 2
Jack repairs a ribber carriage
ribber setup and bracket repair

repair tests-when Jack repairs a machine, I test it. We make videos of these tests for the customers. It turns out that others like to see them too so, as they are not "personal" here are some for you to watch.
screws to release a Brother carriage cover and placement of the hair-pin like part
freeing a stuck Brother carriage
trouble shooting the card reader
where do these parts fit ? 2
where do these parts fit? 1
dismantling and deep cleaning the carriage
Inside the ribber carriage
unsticking the buttons on a brother knit carriage
more about the brother knit carriage buttons
Inner workings of the card reader
changing the timing belt
setting up the card reader for use
removing and replacing a stitch dial
replacing the Brother buttons after cleaning the carriage
cleaning and lubing the Brother card reader
Inside the Brother card reader
Inside the Brother ribber carriage
freeing a stuck carriage
trouble shooting the card reader
refurbishing a brother linker part 1
refurbishing a brother linker part 2
changing the KX350 sponge strip
why the card reader might fail to advance
Lubricating the Brother drive belt cog
Brother KA8310 how it walks and troubleshooting if it doesn't
replacing the button assembly
Brother 8 button machine playlist-6 movies full of both knitting skills and mechanical info how the 2 center buttons work and why we deep clean this area

the KH800-how it works and how to get into it for cleaning and maintenance

Brother maintenance playlist
2 ways to cast on the AIO
chain stitched cast on
an alternate way to knit and purl
no purl true ribbing
worm trim
reducing the bulk of a hat crown
comb knitting
comb knitting bind off revisited
a double board bind off
shadow work for double boards
short rowing heels and toes
marking rows
the transfer bind off
double e-wrap cast on
adjusting the tightness of flat stitch
mingling board & hand knitting
finishing a hat crown without a needle
bulky knitting on the all-in-one board
the overlapping yarn join
figure 8 cast on variation
adjusting the gauge of double boards
counting the rows with work still on the loom
loom knitters Sockumentaries--22 videos on sock knitting skills
DIY double end loom tool
Tubular Cast on for K2P2 rib
K1P1 tubular cast on
Kathy Carder's Knit & Purl Tool
Knit & Purl tool 2--same subject, more detail

eyelet stripe stitch
diy loom hook from a nail and a pen
frog stitching
make the perfect purling tool
mock ribbing
diy ergonomic loom hook
back stitch bind off
2X2 cables
1X1 cables on a Kiss loom
tripled long tail cast on
tuck rib with extra detail
tuck rib on the Kiss loom
tuck rib on the all-in-one
multi-color tuck stitch
multi-color tuck part 2
making one loom into another
removing work to correct an error and then re-hanging on the board
Mingling loom & machine knitting in one project
Purling on a Kiss loom with the purling hook bulky U stitch and cables using the AIO loom
special stitches for looms includes Irish Mesh, Heart Lace, Multi-color Tuck, Shadow Work, and Intarsia
German short rows for all looms
DIY double end loom tool
Half Linen Stitch for Looms
Durable Loomed Flowers using chained cord and I-cord
loom knitting 911-fixing a blanket boo-boo
free sock pattern for#1 yarn on sock looms and machines both
Short-row lesson plus free Lammily Doll Dress pattern
kitchener stitching sock toes & waste yarn
a no roll cabled edge
diy knit design
correcting a mis-crossed cable after the fact
the bees knees seam
back stitched bind off
easy chain stitched edging
shortening an already knitted hat
Nancy's ball winder biggest ball
hung hems
weaving in yarn ends with a latch tool
trying out the Nancy's ball winder
winding cones on a Nancy's ball winder
adding rubber grips to your tools
winding center pull balls by hand
make your own cones to fit yarn winders
altering cabled knitting after completion

making socks into slipper socks with non-slip soles
determining gauge and stitch requirements
making knitted fabric into a pillow completely from scratch
an odd but effective way to tighten sock heels
Plying yarns to get special effects
French knots on knitting
knit weaving a vine
duplicate stitching and lazy daisy as seen on the Memory Pillow
knitting bulky stockinette on the all in one loom
fixing a cable mistake without ripping out the whole thing
working a big full fashioned decrease
making lace eyelets on a knitting loom
working a wanderlust cable on the loom
the long tail cast on
Hat Knit-along on a Kiss modular loom. Knit a basic hat from start to finish using #4 yarn
DIY spool knitter-cheap & fun
knitting on the DIY spool knitter
2 color spool knitting

Knitting Pal Basics
Knitting Pal Cast Ons
Knitting Pal Ribbing
The entire knitting pal playlist

changing the end racks
changing the front foot
disassembling and reassembling the carriage
taking apart and deep cleaning the sinker plate part 1
taking apart and deep cleaning the sinker plate part 2
the series on "my machine was working when I put it away" is about deep cleaning, including the Marvel Mystery Oil soak and trouble shooting. It is useful for all machines but specific to Studio/Singer/Silver Reed machines.
My machine was working when I put it away part 1
My machine was working when I put it away part 2
My machine was working when I put it away part 3
my machine was working when I put it away part 4
how the row counter works and how to get into it
trouble shooting the Knit Radar
replacing the stitch dial on the HK-100
Servicing the patterning drums
Singer/Studio row counters
Replacing the springs that control the Russel levers
disassembling and reassembling the knit carriage
checking and cleaning the drums
creating a HUGE LK100 out of 2 machines
SK150 and 155 machines-comparison and use
fairisle on the sk155 and how to make punch cards
setting up the Singer/Studio/Silver Reed tension mast
ribber setup and bracket repair
using the lace carriage
Studio playlist

succeeding with tuck stitch
setting up a Singer or Studio machine for the first time

Corona 1500 after gussying up
Corona fair isle
making tuck lace with the pattern master
making strip hats
casting on
CH1500 overview
changing a Corona needle
the products Jack uses and why
dis-assembling for cleaning
finding the dirty spots to clean
lubricating after cleaning
more reassembly details
a look inside before and after cleaning
reasons why a g-carriage might fail to change directions
lubricating a clean carriage
How does a garter carriage change direction?
where does this spring go?
more abut dis and re-assembly

PASSAP MACHINES knitting and maintenance
cleaning 1
cleaning 2
cleaning 3
cleaning 4
restoring Passap strippers
new life for old Passap rails
binding off around imaginary gatepegs knitting furry worm trim
circular knitted cardigan bands
E-6000 locks on Duo 80 beds
e-wrap cast on
double e-wrap cast on
chain stitch cast on [latch tool]
a closer look at all 3 Japanese cast ons from another angle
repairing old Passap Pushers
testing all the functins on a Passap
removing and replacing the row counter trigger
Pusher Alignment tool
Installing the 4 color changer
perfecting worn pushers
Passap mechanical playlist
Passap knitting skills playlist
Japanese style cast ons playlist
color changer installation
Using the Deco
using the tricofit

Superba Skills playlist
Knitting a band simultaneously with the cardigan front

The whole Toyota playlist
checking under the hood of the carriage
Discovering the Toyota 901, using the lace carriage, color changer and ribber
Single Bed Stitches
Single Bed cast ons and mounting the main carriage
setting up the 901 with the 501 ribber
finding and fixing a mis-patterning problem on the 950 Re-assembling a 901 carriage so that the selector mechanism works right
Substitute needles for the Toyota 950 [probably 901 also]

bulky hat knit-along
easy fancy edging
DIY square needles
the backward loop cast on

visit the Answer Lady home page
knitting openings or slots
the racking cast on
casting on--many ways
seed stitch method 2
ribbing without a ribber-reforming stitches
seed stitch method 1
tuck rib edging with a ribber
mock ribbing
binding off around the gatepegs in rib
hang knitting on a comfortable number of needles
adjusting tension
adjusting stitch size
DIY waxer
manual tuck stitch
hung hems
working buttonholes into the bind off
using the Brother hinged comb on any machine
chain stitch embellishment

changing the number strip
the transfer bind off
combining hand & machine knitting
wanderlust cables
starting ribbing on the main bed
weaving in yarn tails automatically
garter stitch on the knitting machine
Knitting tuck trim right onto the garment
basket weave stitch on the knitting machine
setting up A brother machine for absolute beginners
setting up a Singer or Studio machine for the first time
decreasing across a row
Knitted on Cardigan Bands
Faux Cable--super easy
seaming with a faux cable
a neat edging for an edge with lots of simple increases
swatching part 1
swatching part 2
making & using cast on rags
knitting stripes with 2 carriages
knitting worm trim to finish edges and stop rolling
knitted daisy
Knitting a band simultaneously with the cardigan front
strip hats
making a short rowed neckband
knitted daisies

Carriage Test Hat-this pattern tests all major functions plus delivers a cute hat
Tuck Lace trim as seen on the Blue Belle sweater
free sock pattern for#1 yarn on sock looms and machines both
No hole sock heels. This is about those little holes that like to form at the very top of sock heels
Two Color Tuck and a free doll pattern
free bulky fairisle hat knit-along pattern
manually knitting the first row on a knitting machine
seminar info Kathryn
seminar info Jack

winding yarn cones on a spinning wheel
mediafire safety
starting seeds in coir coconut fiber
packing machines for safe shipping
DIY American Girl doll dress form
DIY tool blocks
Durable Loomed Flowers using chained cord and I-cord
fairisle pillow pattern for all knitting media along with a DIY pillow form Short-row lesson plus free Lammily Doll Dress pattern
KID STUFF-especially suited for entertaining and teaching young knitters
slip stitch
single crochet
half double crochet
double crochet
triple crochet
bullion stitch flowers and trim

ADDING COLOR TO KNITS--accompanies the Painted Ladies book
rubber stamps from scratch
diy masking stencil
rubber stamping with permanent ink
bleach and rubber stamps
perfecting a design with markers
using a wallpaper roller
Krylon paint and sharpie markers!