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Amusing and useful hampers
For machine knitters.
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Here's a video about knitting the Cutiepie Hamper from beginning to end Cutiepie Hamper
These designs are for machine knitters
Helpful Videos page 2
Embellishments free videos on fun additions to personalize any hamper page 3
Knitting compound flowers for decoration 3 gauges page 5
Reinforcing a hamper page 6
The Basic Hamper for all machines, 3 gauges and many sizes given. Bond, Passap
and Superba notes included page 7
The Cutiepie Hamper for all machines, 3 gauges and many sizes given. Bond, Passap and Superba notes included page 12
Wearable tool pouch for all machines. 3 gauges, 1 size, Bond, Passap & Superba notes included page 14
The Big Eyed Monster for all machines, 3 gauges and multiple sizes 17
The Lion for all machines, 3 gauges and multiple sizes given page 19
My Butler is a Frog 2 gauges are given. One is for mid-gauge and bulky machines using #4 yarn, the other for standard & Passap machines using #2 yarn page 27
Notes for Bond, Passap & Superba Knitters Passap language is in DM80 terms. Everything is also possible on an E-6000 but technique numbers are not given pages 10, 14, 26, 31
Most years, September is Seminar time and I offer seminar-goers who purchase my patterns a special discount. This year, I am not teaching any in person seminars for obvious reasons so here's what I'll do. For the month of September, ALL of my readers get a seminar special of 30% off when buying at least 3 items by using the code below on a Ravelry purchase. This is the ONLY special that will occur for the year. I need you to pay close attention to the following instructions so that you'll have a good experience: My machine knitting books are much better and more fully described on my website than on Ravely so please window shop there first but don't buy from the site this time. Go to my Ravelry store to complete your purchase. That's because the coupon codes work only on the Ravelry site. The loom knitting patterns are all on Ravelry as their main home so loom knitters, just shop there. These are digital downloads. Your books will be pdf files. So naturally all sales are final.
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