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Each sale page gives photos, suitable machines, sizes and table of contents for the book. All books are delivered as pdf via Ravelry
Addi Adventures--projects for the Addi Kingsize this is the ONLY one of my books for Addis
The Answer Lady's Machine Knitting Notebook*
Baby Bundle is now a 4 book set
Bigger Than Bulky Machine Knits
Blanket and Pillow Collection
Bulky Cardi-ket Collection
Bulky Cotton Top Collection
Can These Be Cables?
Can You Top This?
Cardi-ket Collection, bulky
Cardi-ket Collection, standard gauge
Circular Logic Sweaters
Cool Make-it-yourself Tools for Machine Knitters & Cheap Tricks--now one big book at a savings
Cotton Collection
Every Which Way Reversible Cables for all machines
Felting books: footwear, jackets, vests, mittens, toys, hats and more!
Girl Talk for American Girl and similar dolls
Great Knitted Gifts
Heavenly Heels Socks
Herbs: The Answer Lady Tells All- not knitting! Another passion
Hilarious Hampers
Hundreds of Hat patterns
Kangaroo Covers--blankets that pop into a pouch
Keyhole Scarf Collection
Kid Stuff for Girls
Kimono Commotion
Knitting and Sew On
Made for Mid-gauge
Merry-Go-Round & More Merry (circle sweaters)
Mostly Classic Cables plus Pretzel Logichand knitted looking cables for machines
Oolala-barely there wear for machine knitters
Painted Ladies Sweater Collection
Personal Best
Playful Patterns for Machine Knitters
Ponchos with Panache
Pretzel Logic plus Mostly Classic Cables
Ravishing Raglans
Scrumptious Scrunchies
Sideways Styles for Standards and Mid-gauge/Bulky
Sock Books-there are 6 to choose from
Snug as a Bug
Standard gauge Cardi-ket Collection
Suitable for Framing--a while book of posh machine knitted purses and pouches
Sweaters To Go
Top Down Togs
TOTALLY TUBULAR patterns and other things for sock machines
Terrific Tunics
Vests with Men in Mind
Wanderlust Cables
Warm Hands Workbook-all kinds of mittens, gloves and fingerless gloves
Winsome Wraps

Socks of All Sorts for Knitting Looms
Loom knitting patterns are on my Ravelry store here
Loom Knitting videos: traditional looms
Kiss loom videos

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index of machine Knitting YouTube videos on machine knitting SKILLS
Index of Machine Knitting Maintenance and Repair Vides-ASK JACK
Sewing and sewing machine repair videos index
Charity Knitting article
gardening and herbal skills videos index
Buying your first knitting machine

resource page for parts, chemicals, yarns, plus privacy policy
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How Shall I Knit for thee?-a comparison of the merits of hand, machine and loom knitting
Keeping Maine Warm contest & hat charity
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Sponge Bar Woes
Two cones are better than One
Second Hand Success--on buying successfully
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Free Purse Pattern
machine knitting terms defined download
No-roll Scarf with "Cable"-free pattern

Note to Passap knitters Most of my patterns are possible on Passaps and the instructions wherever possible include Passap notes. The notes are in DM80 terms. The designs are also possible on E-6000s but the knitter must look up the tech numbers for herself and some of the dial settings differ between the two models so you'll need to be aware of that fact, too.

Now that all of my patterns are available on Ravelry, giving them as gifts is super simple. To do that, you may want to go through my Ravelry store rather than my website. It makes things more obvious and simple.
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A word about copyright
A copyright means that only the person holding it has the right to distribute the work in any form whatsoever. For the books and patterns on this site, that means that you may make as many copies as you need for your own personal use. I know that I make notes on mine, spill on them lose them and print myself more. You may do so as well. I also permit readers to produce knitted items and sell them using my patterns. Passing on the patterns in any form is the prohibited action. I think most of my customers respect that fact and understand that if copyright is breached, it soon becomes un-worthwhile for designers to publish. If you are working for a charity, have a scout troup or some such thing, contact me privately. I often give special permission for such situations. If I do, it will be accompanied by a letter that you should save, formally granting you an exception so that there will never be a question of propriety.