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$26. Mostly Classic Cables is 118 pages. Pretzel Logic is 68. This one price buys you both volumes as a set.
It is a pdf download which will be delivered by Ravelry. You need not be a Ravelry member for this to work. Have a good look at the table of contents and the indexes of videos and stitches below so as to know if this book is what you need.

an extensive playlist of videos backs up the book. It's here.
Tubular cast on is necessary for Pretzel Logic. Demos on many machines are here
The machine knitted cable encyclopedia now has 2 volumes, to make it a more comprehensive resource. The subject of open cables is expanded on in Pretzel Logic. It contains several simplified cable charts, as well as instructions for both basic and embossed open cables. Patterns for all machines are included. See table of contents for Pretzel Logic at left and for Mostly Classic Cables below. All Pretzel Logic patterns require 2 beds. This can be a main bed and ribber or a true double bed machine. The ribber must have needles at the same intervals as the main bed. (A few vintage machines have ribbers with half of the needle spaces on the main bed filled on the ribber. These are not suitable )
Helpful video links [see below]
Index of stitches [see below]
Cable Basics
Cable-Go-Round Hat for mid-gauge or bulky machines in 3 adult sizes using #3 yarn. No ribber required. 6 stitch braided cable is use.
Cable-Go-Round Collar for mid-gauge and bulky machines using #3-light #4 yarn. No ribber required. 1 adult size easily altered. 6 stitch braided cable.
Half Fisherman’s Rib Chart
Laced Cable Cowl for bulky machines with ribbers. 2 sizes: girls & women.
Laced Cable Scoody same sizes and gauge as cowl above.
The 2 laced cable patterns above faux cables [the only faux ones in this book] and are for bulky machines ribbers using worsted weight [#4] yarn. 2 sizes cover big girls & adult ladies. If you enjoy faux cables, you will like my book: Can These Be Cables?
Let Me Count the Ways Hats 3 gauges, 7 sizes from infant to XL adult, all machines. Many, many ways of producing similar hats with or without a ribber.
Swanky Snowman. Any machine, 3 gauges provided. Single and double bed versions are provided. Uses interlaced cables.
Speedy Snowman. A much simpler version of the Swanky Snowman without cables. It’s suitable for toys, beginners, production knitting and teaching new knitters. Includes Bond notes.
First Cabled Sweater series. These are simply shaped sweaters so that the knitter can concentrate on the cable. Baby & toddler sizes have 3 gauges. Adult and kid sizes are for #4 [worsted weight] yarn on bulkies.
Babies & Toddlers. 3 gauges & 4 sizes are given
First Cabled Vest for Babies and Toddlers Same sizes & gauges as sweater
For Adults #4 yarn for bulky machines
For Kids #4 yarn for bulky machines
Cable Encyclopedia 21 pages. See contents listed on page 3
Inside Out Aran series. These are single bed-friendly designs
This is primarily for bulky machines using soft bulky [aka chunky or #5] yarn. Some patterns do include alternate gauges. Ribber is optional. A new textured stitch skill is presented in each chapter of 1-6 so that by chapter 7, knitting the jacket isn’t daunting.
It includes garter stitch edged dishcloth page 66 #4 cotton yarn, bulky machine
Double moss stitch dishcloth #4 cotton yarn, bulky machine
Tuck rib scarves and cowl page 69 soft #5 yarn, bulky machine
3 stitch cabled phone pouch 4 gauges, any machine
Cable 2 cowl any machine 5 gauges given
Big cable pillow page 76 bulky machines, #5 yarn
Inside out aran jacket bulky machine, soft #5 yarn
Diamond Cable Collar & Scarf soft #5 yarn, bulky machine
Masterpiece Cable Projects These require a ribber For any machines. #5 yarn on a bulky gives adult sizes. Using #1-4 yarn with the same pattern gives baby, child & adult sizes.
Masterpiece Blankets 3 gauges. Ribber required. Several sizes.
Masterpiece Sweaters 4 gauges. 18 to 58”chest. Varies with gauge in use.
Masterpiece Vests same gauges & sizes as Masterpiece Sweater
This is the information on page 3 of the book. In the actual book, the video list had live links to take you directly to the video.

Cabled ribbing single bed-also demos 2 stitch cable
Cabled ribbing with the ribber
3 stitch cable
5 stitch cables
6 Stitch braided cables
6 stitch 3 over 3 cables
Diamond cables using the ribber
Interlaced cables [on the snowman]
Laced Cables
Seaming with a faux cable
Wanderlust cables
Zigzag cables
Wheat ear cables
Knit side cables
Double Moss Stitch
Basketweave stitch two beds
Basketweave stitch single bed
Half Fisherman’s Rib
Garter Stitch with the Kriskrafter Garter Bar
Garter Stitch on the Knitting Machine
Mock garter stitch
Seed Stitch method 1
Seed Stitch method 2
Moss Stitch/Double Length Seed Stitch
Tuck Rib with a Ribber
Tuck Rib by Hand-uses an Addi-knitted sample but works the same
Tuck rib edge with ribber
Binding off around the gatepegs
Binding off around imaginary gatepegs for Passap & Superba
Casting on many ways
E-wrap in great detail for beginners
Long Tail Cast On
Racking Cast on
Casting on w/ribber comb & waste yarn
Making a pillow from knitted fabric completely from scratch
Shoulder tab extension & closure
Gathering hat crowns
Rescuing dropped knitting
Speedy Snowman [whole pattern]
In alphabetical order
Cable vs. Cross 3 page 77
Double moss stitch page 68
Garter Stitch page 67
Half fisherman’s rib page 10
Left & right twisting page 72 & 76
Moss Stitch page 72
Purl stitches page 25,27,39,46,58
Seed stitches page 75
Tubular Cast on page 20, 29
Tuck Rib page 69
Tuck stitches page 74

PAGES 44-65
Each category of cable includes variations. 28 cable charts in this section. There are additional charts elsewhere in the book.

The cable charts are of my own design, using a style that is specifically designed to help machine knitters understand what is happening. A sample chart is below. Each chart is accompanied by text that fully explains all symbols and colors and complete instructions. There is some variation in chart design based on what seemed clearest for the different types of cables.

Twisted rope cables from 2-6 stitches
Braided cables
Interlaced cables
Large diamond cables
Small diamond cables
Wavy lines & honeycomb cables
Hugs and kisses cables [XO]
Composite cables
V & chevron cables
Zigzag cables
Wheat ear cables