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Book is $20 usd. Some countries will impose VAT. More information about each set of designs is given below

To download a free preview file that contains the table of contents and a clickable index of videos to help with your Winsome Wraps projects, use the link below. It will take you to MediaFire, a free file sharing service. It's a legit service but does have ads so be careful to select only what you came for. Winsome Wraps preview file
Winsome Wraps Table of contents
Styles for all kinds of machines are included in this book. The specific machine for each pattern is listed below left.
Helpful videos page 3
HAVE A HUG CAPELETS Sideways knitted. Tuck stitch for adults page 4 Tuck stitch for babies page 10 Stockinette for adults page 11 Stockinette for babies page 12
SHRUGS AND KISSES A shaped shawl for adults page 17
PETITE PONCHO Once piece construction. Page 13
SWONCHOS FOR ALL Each size range is presented in 2 versions. Versions 1 and 3 have side seams below the sleeves while versions 2 and 4 are open with finished edges below the sleeves. Hood, collar or plain neckline. Pages 22-36. Baby version is shown with the winter bonnet, below. WINTER BONNET A companion hat to any of the wraps in this book. Worsted weight yarn for bulky machines, infant to adult. Page 37
TOP DOWN PONCHOS page 40 Babies & Toddlers standard gauge p. 41 Little Kids mid-gauge page 45 Big Kids mid-gauge page 48 Adults bulky page 52 Worksheet page 57 Design options page 58 3 seaming options page 63 Neckline options begin on page 64 Cuffs page 69 Front opening page 69 Pocket page 70 Edge finishes page 70
Adult sizes, include most girls from middle school onwards, finish from 35.6[39, 42.3, 45.6, 49, 52.3, 55.64, 59, 62.3]” around at biceps level. This measurement includes bust size plus the upper arms. Baby sizes fit babies 0-3[3-6, 6-9, 9-12] Yarn to be used is any #1-2 yarn [fingering-sport]. All versions are for standard gauge machines. The tuck version also requires either punchcard or electronic patterning capability.

Use a standard gauge machine with #1-2 yarn. 2 adult sizes plus custom sizing information

Light #4 or robust #3 yarn using a bulky or midgauge machine. Ribber is helpful but not essential. Sizes finish to 20[22, 24]” around the torso. Fit 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-24 months in average tots

These patterns are designed for the use of #4 [worsted weight] yarn on bulky machines. 2 hem options are given. One requires a ribber, the other does not. The sleeves of most versions are ribbed so those with only one bed must re-latch columns of stitches to form the ribbing. The children’s version includes a short sleeved option that doesn’t require a ribber. A mid-gauge option using #3[dk weight] yarn is explained on page 26. Only some sizes are possible using this version. Adult 58[64, 70, 76]” around the body. Child sizes begin with babies and move up to include tweens. They finish to 28[32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52]” around the body. Children above 32” in the chest can wear adult sizes.

4 individual, easy to read patterns as noted above. Then each size with 3 gauge options and multiple design details. Each gauge category has 2 likely stitch gauges and 2 likely row gauges. A ribber is optional for some versions but not essential. Fill in the provided worksheet with your choice of yarn, gauge and design details to achieve your personal idea of the perfect poncho.