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click here to see a great device for measuring socks while they are being knitted
free pattern for mock rib hem top socks--great for summer
Some of these patterns were previously sold individually. Packaged together in this 43 page book, they are a much better bargain. The whole book is an instant download for $20. Table of contents below. Cover shown at left.

For all CSMs. My samples were all knitted on 60 and 72 slot cylinders because that is what I have. Other knitters, however, report success on other sizes. The pattern includes options for plain slippers, slippers with doubled felt soles, or outdoor shoes with real soles. Instructions for finding and attaching them are included. 2 styles of heel are in this updated pattern.

For all CSMs. Each toy takes about 2-4 oz. Or 100% wool fingering yarn. I recommend Jaggerspun 2/8. The pattern makes a doll, ball, safe rattle and whimsical fish. Felting instructions included.

For all CSMs. Each scarf takes 1 skein of furry yarn. Lion Fun Fur is recommended.

for all CSMs.F Includes a tiny purse, larger purse, earmuff/headband, hat, and bucket bag. Each piece takes 2-7 oz. of fingering weight 100% wool yarn. I recommend Jaggerspun 2/8.

For all CSM's. The size will vary a little with cylinder size. This is a dressy style with reinforcing and purchased handles. Uses about 8 oz. Cotton or other firm yarn.

For all CSMs. 4 oz. or less of cotton yarn makes a European style string shopping bag. These make great gift bags, too.

2 dolls in 1. Changing yarns often creates the personalities and their clothes. All csms can make it with small amounts of several yarns. A great use for odds and ends.

Join those tubes to make great quilts. Bind them with more tubing. Luxurious! The pattern describes techniques that make the process simple and fool-proof.
$20 for the whole collection! All sales are final--If you want this book, please e-mail me your request. I will invoice you through paypal and e-mail it when the payment is received.

ALTERNATIVE CYLINDER SPRINGS Non-steel cylinder spring substitutes are a bit experimental but I like mine. They are actually designed to be O-rings, not all of which are made from the same material. I asked Jack to find me something suitable to the action and the oil of the sock machine and he found the ones offered here. These are actually made of Buna N which is an elastomeric material designed for oil and abrasion resistance. They stretch a bit to fit, then seat nicely on the cylinder. We no longer stock these though I have had total success with them. You can find them at Grainger if you'd like to try them out.
MARVEL MYSTERY OIL bottle is shown at right
Click here to visit the Marvel Mystery Oil website and learn all you ever wanted to know about it and more
I bought my AutoKnitter in working but grubby condition. It worked but made and incredible racket and required constant oiling. I asked Jack how to get it running smoothly. He suggested that I use Marvel Mystery Oil as my main cleaner and lubricant so I did. This oil is designed for the break-in period for cam shafts in engines. Not only is it a superior lubricant, it is designed to form a chemical bond to protect sensitive moving metal parts where high heat and friction are issues. My machine dripped black oil for an entire year. Then one day, I noticed that it no longer dripped, did not require oiling very often and that the cylinder looked shiny and new! It is very quiet in operation. Though it is red, the oil does not stain socks. I just put a little soap [my favorite is Dawn dishwashing foam] directly on any spots and rub it in prior to washing. The oil is not harmful to the skin. Whenever they are out of the machine, my needles soak in Marvel Mystery Oil. Often it will loosen up a sluggish latch. This product is available in auto parts stores and in the automotive section at Walmart. The only drawback is that finding an oil-safe dispenser is nearly impossible. I used to carry some of these but my source proved unreliable. The best place for you to look is Grainger on line. nzak owners: Jacquie has requested that I note that she recommends only 3 in 1 oil Grainger
click here to download a free pocket scarf pattern